Formerly, Oakville Paper Boutique

In 1996 we transitioned our business from computer training to printing services in order to accommodate for a growing demand in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We changed our business name to Oakville’s Paper Boutique, and within a couple of years we earned a reputation providing specialty papers and custom invitations. Our customer base grew outside the GTA, Ontario, and eventually to an international scale.

As our positive reputation grew, so did our passion for Japanese paper and the craft of artisan invitations. We’ve been focused on this since the mid 90s, and it remains our passion.

History has taught us before, we have to respond to trends in our society and innovations in the industry. This is why today we are proud to reintroduce our business as The Invitation Designers. Alongside a brand refresh, we are updating our business model.

We are no longer servicing a brick and mortar location and now operate “in the cloud”, providing custom invitation designs for our customers to print either at home, or with a print house of their favour.

This allows customers to produce their invitations with more economical affordability, and quicker production turnaround- two areas which we’ve been consistently improving since we started this business in 1996.

Our team of experienced and passionate graphic designers will help you conceptualize your ideas, and bring your project to life quicker than we’ve ever before.

On behalf on the entire family and team behind Oakville’s Paper Boutique, we want to say thank you to our community and large network of clients for your support and business for over 20 years. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 has in store!

Sincerely, The Invitation Designers