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Wrapped Side Pocket

Our Wrapped Full Pocket Invitation

An elegant invitation ensemble with a card that opens to it's sides to uncover the main invitation body in the center and additional inserts/small envelope tucked in the side pocket. When closed, can be tied with a ribbon, or just finished with a monogram or embellishment.

    Contains: Wrapped Full Pocket
  • an insert for the main text
  • an insert for the map
  • an insert for the RSVP
  • an envelope for the RSVP
  • a decorative flap for the intitals
  • the main card with a full pocket
  • an envelope to put in all the above
  • optional embellishments of your choice like ribbons, buckles

Average pricing - $5.75 to $8.00 per set depending on paper and ribbon selections. A set typically includes - invitation, mailing envelope, reply card, reply card envelope, map and printing of the envelopes. Some invitations are more than $8.50 depending on additional ribbons, embossers etc.

Samples of Wrapped Full Pockets